Top Rated Phlebotomy Schools

Phlebotomy as the name itself indicates consists of cutting the veins and drawing blood in the crude sense. It is the process of drawing blood from ones veins through making incisions. Its origins date back to the ancient times when it was more commonly referred to as bloodletting. This process involved releasing blood from the veins to decrease the blood pressure. Today Phlebotomy consists of other activities like drawing blood for blood transfusion, for storage purposes so that it can be used for future endeavours, for testing purposes to check for infections and other kinds of diseases. In the present times Phlebotomy has become an increasingly lucrative job in the health market with hospitals offering many opportunities for certified phlebotomists either on a contractual basis or as interns or employees. But to be a certified phlebotomist one has to finish his education form a certified Phlebotomy school and then undergo training and then pass a certification test from any standard institute. Hence it is of paramount importance that the schools must be chosen with the utmost care.  One of the accreditation agencies which is reliable is the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences which accredits phlebotomy schools. Apart from the accreditation certificate the programs offered and the flexibility offered must also be taken into consideration. Keeping these factors in mind let us take a look at some of the top Phlebotomy schools in the USA:

University of Alaska – Anchorage:

Situated in the picturesque location In Alaska’s largest city, the University of Alaska is a very exotic campus with lots of lakes and parks. It is also situated near to a wide trail system which makes the commute easier for students. It offers a variety of courses both on the campus and online. It has many degree programs as well as certification courses in many streams like science, arts and health sciences. Phlebotomy falls under the category of Occupational endorsement certification course. The time span of the course is around 3 years. The course consists of academic material involving all the key concepts of phlebotomy like the study of veins and blood flow in the body. Apart from the theory students are also made to practice regularly by collecting blood specimens and logging them. Other topics like infection control are also stressed upon.

Sarasota County Technical Institute:

Sarasota is a beautiful suburban of Florida situated about 50 miles from Tampa. The Sarasota county technical institute is the premier educational institution in the area and has earned a lot of respect since it was founded back in 1967. It offers a variety of certification and training to many students from diverse cultures. Apart from the main campus in Sarasota it also has two other site facilities. The Phlebotomy program offered consists of about 180 hours of classroom study in various topics like venipuncture etc. And also laboratory experience in drawing blood samples. They also train the students for the certification from American Society of clinical pathologists.

Mountain State University – West Virginia:

The Mountain State University was originally started as the Beckley College in 1939 because of its location. Since then it has a rich history of being a non profit organisation and giving top-notch education to the students. MSU’s Phlebotomy program is one of the most flexible and successful programs in the field. It includes instruction in phlebotomy, anatomy and clinical laboratory science along with hands on experience on manikins before actually trying them on patients. They also offer training for the Registered Phlebotomy technician certificate.

Ferris State University – Michigan:

Founded by Woodbridge Ferris the FSU is situated in Michigan. It is a very exquisite campus with a lot of greenery and scenic beauty. Also it is very near to downtown Big Rapids which has many parks and restaurants. The phlebotomy program offered is through the department of Clinical Science and consists of five courses which include venipuncture, study of the physiology and blood flow and also includes practice.

Apart from these four, there are many other good colleges for phlebotomy in the USA. Hence it is better to do a lot of research before choosing the university.