How much can a Phlebotomist Earn?

Phlebotomy derives its names from the Greek words ‘phlebo’ which means veins and ‘tomy’ which means the process of cutting or puncturing. Its origins date back to the ancient times when it was more commonly referred to as bloodletting. This process involved releasing blood from the veins to decrease the blood pressure. As the time progressed and the technology underwent tremendous innovations, there was a paradigm shift in the job description of a phlebotomist. The duties were escalated from just drawing blood to storing the samples, testing them for infections, conducting interviews etc. In today’s scenario the job of phlebotomist is one of the few jobs which offer a steady income irrespective of the market trends. It is also an upcoming field with a tremendous potential. The financial aspect is important for any job and phlebotomy offers a very decent source of income along with many other perks. Many people are unaware of the benefits of this job and hence are a little hesitant towards considering this as a career. Let us take a look at the salaries offered to a phlebotomist and the factors affecting it:


The location of your job influences the pay in a very big way. Some of the cities have embraced the profession and hence offer a wide variety of opportunities and higher salary. For example cities like Boston and Los Angeles pay around 15$ an hour whereas smaller cities like Birmingham and Raleigh offer around 12$ an hour. Also some states have severe blood shortage. These states are willing to offer salaries ranging from about 20,000$ to 50,000$ annually which is a very good pay considering that the average annual pay is around 29,000$.


The number of needles you have pierced also does matter. Experience plays a very crucial factor in determining the pay scale of any phlebotomist. Initially when one starts out as a phlebotomist, they are usually hired on a probationary status and have to undergo further training. After the training they can expect an increase in the revenue. More experienced phlebotomists earn more compared to their counterparts. Usually within the first year of work phlebotomists earn about 9 to 12$an hour which is a little less compared to the average. But as they progress their salary starts increasing and the phlebotomists with about 5 years of experience earn about 30,000$ per annum. Even more experienced phlebotomists earn a relatively hefty sum of about 50,000$ annually.

Industry and Employers:

Sometimes the industry in which a phlebotomist works also makes a huge impact on his income.  Some of the people hired by the healthcare industry like Hospitals, nursing centres, labs and clinics are paid roughly about 20,000$ to 40,000$ which is a handsome income considering that it is a standard source of income. In other fields like physicians and medical care centres, these phlebotomists are hired to collect blood samples from the homes of different customers and the pay depends roughly on the amount of work done. Also the income changes from a part timer to a full time employee. Phlebotomists working in a hospital work almost for40+ hours a week and are also kept on call which ensure that they get a remuneration of about 35,000$ which is not the case with part time phlebotomists.

Apart from the above mentioned figures, phlebotomists can also avail the other perks in the job. They have many employee benefit packages. They can get paid holidays; paid sick days, health insurance, and also some government organisations offer Retirement plans and also some education plans. Hence any phlebotomist must consider these factors when applying for a job in this field. With the right choice phlebotomy can be a very profitable and decent career choice both mentally and financially.