Phlebotomy Training in Mississippi

Phlebotomy is the art of dealing with veins and blood. So it is definite that an interested aspirant should not have any phobia for blood. And it is not just only puncturing the vein and extracting the blood but there are lot more responsibilities to accomplish.

The extracted blood sample must be handled carefully and it is the duty of the phlebotomist to handle it until it is all done. For all this to be possible without any flaws there is a necessity to join a phlebotomy training school. There are manifold schools that offer phlebotomy training in MS; the state offers the best college with top class infrastructure and facilities some of them include

  • Antonelli college
  • Blue cliff college
  • Virginia college
  • Kaplan career university
  • Anthem career college

Criteria have to be considered!

Life turning out to be cushy with the aggrandizement of technology implementation, phlebotomy training is available online. So you don’t need to consider distance as criteria to choose a school that offers phlebotomy training. As selecting the school is considered as a vital step to start career as phlebotomy technician. Pay attention on the practical training working hours. Take heed to select proper school with all the necessary accreditations. Only an accredited school can fetch you license and help you with a sound income.

Programs for your access

Certificate, diploma and associate degree programs are available. Not taking much of your precious time with in a very less duration one can become a certified phlebotomist. After certification, licensing is the important thing that one must consider. Unless you attain a license you are not supposed to be employed as a phlebotomist in any work place. Pay attention to renew the license for every two years.

Work area

Phlebotomist are now of great demand and have surplus job opportunities. They are employed in hospitals, clinics, private health care units, Red Cross society, research laboratories etc… Employment is across the board and one can find potential employers in Gulfport, Kalamazoo, Jackson, Tupelo, Meridian, Whitefield etc.


Phlebotomists are expected to earn high wages in the coming future. On average a phlebotomy technician can earn around $37,800 annually. It is expected to rise with the experience and qualification. Not just Mississippi, but one can also try with phlebotomy training schools in Alabama as it is the neighboring state.