Unraveling the gamut of health administration schools

The healthcare administration ambit is a dynamic environment of different specialized pools that are mutually inclusive with one another. To lead or operate in such an organization necessitates meticulous planning, budgeting, firm decision-making, and most importantly, the capability to upkeep the cooperation and respect of conflicting interest groups that more often than not, withstand the worst of certain administrative axes or decisions. Besides this, a healthcare administrator establishes several standards alongside framing strategic policy firmaments and implementing every personal management process that is necessary to validate this vision and backdrop. Schooling becomes very necessary in this regard.

The institutional necessity

The healthcare administration schools formulate structured degree programs with structured courses that display a multi-layered, semester wise curriculum. The education module aims to inculcate and foster skills and core competencies in aspirants. This is crucial for attaining successful, effective leadership in today’s vigorously changing scenario of healthcare. The primary objective is to educate both non-medical and medical graduates, undergraduates to undertake a vast range of managerial and administrative tasks in hospital organizations. The schools entail integrated inputs or apparatus to help you gain strong technical and conceptual knowledge in different management concepts. This helps in improving your analytical capacity to cater to several administrative functions.

Training is the key

Many schools provide great internship programs upon the successful completion of your examination. This helps you to work within a real healthcare setting. Honing your skills and expanding your knowledge base is the main aim. Some educational programs like graduate programs comprise real world, cohesive internships as a core part of the concerned curriculum. Students spend time in assistant or ancillary role under the supervision or mentorship of a senior administrator. You can also participate in some special project devised to benefit a healthcare practice or facility. Examinations are just a paradigm to check your potential in this field.

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Significance of Certification for a Phlebotomist

‘Phlebotomy’ as the name itself indicates, consists of cutting the veins and drawing blood in the crude sense. It is the process of drawing blood from ones veins through making incisions. Its origins date back to the ancient times when it was more commonly referred to as bloodletting. Today Phlebotomy consists of other activities like drawing blood for blood transfusion, for storage purposes so that it can be used for future endeavours, for testing purposes to check for infections and other kinds of diseases. There are many opportunities today for phlebotomists in different fields. But it is imperative that they undergo the proper schooling and training in phlebotomy and also get a proper certification which then makes them eligible for applying for various kinds of jobs. The education and training part can be done in any of the good schools in the country. The certification is the important part because each school also offers to train you for the certification apart from the schooling. Hence it is important to have knowledge of the different kinds of standard certifications available. Let us take a look at some of the programs available:

Why do you need Certification?

Many people may wonder as to why a certificate is necessary in the first place. Many phlebotomists feel that hands on experience should be enough for any kind of job. But the fact of the matter is that most of the companies, hospitals and other healthcare organisations prefer to take a student who has some kind of authenticity since a phlebotomists work could be risky and may cause fatal accidents if not done properly. Hence a certificate would complement your existing skills and help in achieving a better job.

How to get a Certificate?

A phlebotomy student can get his certificate through any of the various organisations in the field. The three main and recognised organisations are the American Society for Clinical pathologists, American Society of Phlebotomy technicians and National Phlebotomy association. The requirements for this certificate include graduating from high school, at least 40 hours of classroom study and 100 hours of practical training and blood collections. Apart from these there are also specific requirements like 100 venipunctures, and 5 successful punctures. Generally the school at which the candidate undergoes his education also train him for the process of certification. The education in the schools typically involves Anatomy, physiology and blood flow. Other aspects like keeping records and testing for infections are also taught at the schools. In the certification test these are the topics on which both the theoretical and practical knowledge are tested.

Online Certification:

The above mentioned certification course is well suited for phlebotomists who are pursuing the course full time. These people typically do not have any experience and apply for the certificate directly from their school. Unlike these people Phlebotomists who are working and wish to get a certification can also apply for it through online institutes. There are many such online colleges available. These colleges provide all the required theoretical knowledge in field like venipuncture, equipment and record storage etc which are crucial for a phlebotomist. These courses can vary in duration from 6 months to about 2 years. They also offer practical knowledge of the course. These courses are typically for people with hands on experience in the field. The online exam has many questions with varying levels of difficulty. Proper and focused preparation is needed for this exam.

To summarize, it can be said that a certificate increases the chance of getting a job in the market and helps the person to excel at it. Hence depending on the convenience of the student, he can apply for any of the above mentioned certification.

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How to become a Phlebotomist

The field of phlebotomy is one of the most booming fields of the healthcare industry which has gained the attention of a large number of students who wish to establish themselves in this field. It’s not only the lucrative career options in this field but also the job profile and the career prospects which has led to a drastic increase in the number of students opting for this field.

Who can become a Phlebotomist?

The first mandatory requirement for being a phlebotomist is to tolerate the sight of blood, able to puncture skin for blood collection, and handle samples without feeling nauseating.  The course content should be so well imbibed that blood judgment for special need for every patient is assessed and acted upon accordingly. The samples should be well preserved till test is carried out on them. Blood samples temperature and additive requirement to be fulfilled as the case may be. The apparatus required for every blood test specimen has to be selected and used. The testing results get influenced by all these factors and a thorough training for the job is necessary by taking courses offered in this field.

Selection of Training Institutes

Selection of institute for a recognized program is a time consuming process. It is done after evaluation of the different institutions conducting phlebotomy courses. The search can be made through online browsing with positive results after viewing the directory of institutions in this field. Search is possible through location and zip code as well. The shortlisted institutions nearer to your location cater well to specific requirement of the candidate. Moreover the classroom sessions and hand-on training clinics should be close enough for commuting. The option of online courses is also available however clinic training is given at recommended clinics.

Primary Requirements

The courses for becoming a Phlebotomist are offered by vocational and technical institutes as certification or diploma depending on the length of the course.  The minimum qualification for admission is a high school diploma or GED. The granting of certification can be called by different names such as Associate of Arts, associate of science, degree in health care or a diploma. Degree at the University requires additional inputs for higher qualification not mandatory but preferable.  The Course and training emphasis is on inculcating professional skills in blood drawing and fit the candidate in job specification. The course inculcates quantities in the personality of the candidate of amicably and technically sound assistance to doctors and nurses associated with hospitals, clinics and labs diagnosing disease through blood test.

Accrediting Agencies

Several accrediting agencies conduct training programs. For instance, The National Accrediting Organization for Clinical Lab Sciences or NAACLS search displays 59 institutions located in different parts of USA. The institutions contact details are given and contact can be established with them. The duration of the course is lasting from one semester to one year. The fees structure varies accordingly. Accredited institutions make you eligible for financial aid application and get a good start on graduation. Timely financial assistance which some institutions offer to candidates lessens the load of paying tuition. In a commonly laid out program the course is of 10 week along with 80 hours of practical training and a final examination for awarding of the certification to successfully qualifying candidates. Some institutions make internship compulsory to all. Exams are conducted by American Society of Clinical Pathologist, the American Medical Technologists and the American Association of Medical Personnel.


Significance of Practical Skills

All courses and training puts emphasis on scientific study of the human body. Anatomy and physiology including cell composition are thus part of the course. Infected blood and tissue in disease handling information is also part of the course content apart from venipuncture training. Blood taking is done on patient with pre-existing health problems. CPR and First Aid is part of the program. Thus expert mind set quality control of blood samples, legal issues involved in the profession computer savvy communication and psychological handling of the patient are taught to aspiring candidates. All blood samples are to be labeled and test results not intermixed is the duty of the Phlebotomist. The blood has to taken out by firm hands so as to reduce needle-stick injuries.

People aspiring to make a career in this field should take care of these points in order to make a successful career in the field of phlebotomy.

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Phlebotomy training in Wyoming

Hospital is not just all about a doctor and a nurse it consists of many other departments. That conjointly functions to maintain the hospital environment. Phlebotomy technician is one such department in this medical field that offers a promising and lucrative career. Read below to get through the basics of becoming a phlebotomy technician in WY.

The duty of a phlebotomist is nothing related with the analysis. It is only concerned with drawing the blood, labeling it accordingly and handling the sample until it is analyzed. It looks to be simple but it is actually not.

What it takes to be a phlebotomy technician?

Being a phlebotomy technician is a job that must be done with a sense of responsibility and dedication. One must handle all types of panicking conditions and patients, a personality that is not altered on seeing blood. And if you can handle all these this career is a good choice.

With the demand for qualified and trained professionals, there are numerous numbers of schools that offer phlebotomy training in Wyoming. Institute of business & Medical Careers is one such college that offers phlebotomy training in Wyoming. Pay attention for the accreditations the school possesses. You’re career as a phlebotomy technician resides on the decision you take while you choose your school.

Special requisites!!

For one to attain admission in a school that offers phlebotomy training in Wyoming must possess some basic eligibility criteria

  • Must be above 18yrs of age.
  • To attain admission one must possess a minimum high school diploma or GED or its equivalent. This is not mandatory but a minimum qualification can help you to attain a good score in the entrance and gets you into a good school.

Degrees for your access!!

Certification program, associate degree and bachelor’s degree are some of the programs a phlebotomy training school in Wyoming offers. Depending upon the interest and availability of time one can select an appropriate course. Certification is mandatory and it can be attained after the training is completed.

Salary outlook

It would be wrong to expect a huge amount as a beginner. On an average a grad from an accredited school can earn around $25,000 annually. Employment is across the board and one can find good opportunities in cities like Laramie, Casper, Greybull, Cheyenne, Worland, etc. also check out phlebotomy training in Idaho as it is an adjacent state.

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Phlebotomy training in Wisconsin

Medical careers are the fast growing career opportunities in the job market. Someone seeking for a decent and well paid job can enter into this field without any averseness. In recent days career as a phlebotomy technician has turned to be a rewarding career option.

Phlebotomy deals with the task of taking blood samples either for diagnosis of a disease or for collection purpose. This may look easy but actually not!! It is a bit complicated and involves lot of skill and dedication. And hence it is necessary that one must undergo training for being a phlebotomy technician.

With the growing demand for a qualified and certified phlebotomy technician there are manifold schools that offer training. Some of them are

  • Globe university
  • Anthem college
  • Herzing University
  • Kaplan University
  • Sanford –Brown college

One must pay proper attention while selecting the college. You’re entire career as a phlebotomy technician resides on the decision that you take while selecting the phlebotomy training schools.

Degrees that you can attain!!

Some schools in Wisconsin offer a 2 yrs associate degree program as well as a 4 yr bachelor’s degree. There are many short term certification programs that just need about 4-6 months to attain a certificate as a phlebotomy technician. Some schools offer phlebotomy training online that is really an approaching step to every part on the globe.

Essential requisites

Young aspirant who is interested to join a phlebotomy training school must fulfill some basic eligibility criteria. Though it is not an essential consideration by every school, some schools absorb students only when they possess a basic high school diploma or GED.

Certification- the final frontier!

Once you are done with your training, you can proceed to attain your certificate as a phlebotomy technician. Only certified and qualified technicians are of high demand by the employers. In order to attain a certificate the students needs to qualify an exam which is based on the training they acquire. This exam will be conducted by the national certifying agency.

How much can you earn?

A collegian from an accredited training school can earn around $28,000 per annum. It would be a mistake to expect a huge amount if you are just a beginner. Your salary depends upon the knowledge and expertise you own. Location and workplace also matters. Also check out phlebotomy training in Minnesota as it is the neighboring state.

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Phlebotomy training in West Virginia

Health care industry is expected to have a growth of 14% in the employment sector in the coming years. Young aspirants who are paving their way into this looming career are definite to have a bright future. In West Virginia phlebotomy technicians are now of great demand.

Besides the doctors and nurses phlebotomy technicians play a vital role in the diagnosis of a disease. Phlebotomy is the technical term which given for the usual blood test that takes place as a routine in the process of diagnosis of disease. In fact blood test plays a vital role in the diagnosis of the disease.

Colleges like Everest institute offer phlebotomy training in West Virginia. There are many other schools that have included phlebotomy training in their curriculums. Only point that one must pay attention while selecting a school is to check for the accreditations of the school. Accreditations play a vital role, only a training obtained from a certified and recognized school is a valid one. Your entire career rests upon the decision you make while you select phlebotomy schools in WV.

What you learn? – know your subject!!

Now that you have selected to be a phlebotomist it is essential that you are trained with all the required skills to flourish in the field. This field best suits the personality which is not altered on seeing blood. An individual must be free from phobias and must be confident enough to handle the situations. Phlebotomy training includes anatomy with special concentration on the lymphatic and circulatory system, needling techniques, handling equipments, locating and puncturing veins. Apart from these you are also trained in record keeping, medical terminology, ethics, and communication skills.

Degrees that you can attain!!

One can complete phlebotomy training either in a short term taking the certification course or can go for the long duration programs like the associate and bachelor’s degree.

How much can you earn?

Being a phlebotomist one can earn a sound income in the state of West Virginia. On an average a grad from an accredited school can earn around $28,000 per annum. It is expected to rise with the experience gained and level of education,

Awaiting Opportunities!!

Job is no matter once you attain your degree and certificate. There is no scarcity of employers and one can find potential employers in the cities like Charleston, Madison, Morgantown, South Charleston, Martinsburg, etc. also check out phlebotomy training in Virginia as it is the neighboring state.

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Phlebotomy training in Washington

The health care or the medical industry can be named among the essential branches of human activity in general. It plays a vital role in maintaining the basic needs of the state and also its economic conditions. Selecting a career with one such looming field is a very good decision.

One such lucrative and rewarding career option is being a phlebotomy technician. And for a phlebotomy technician it is very much essential that one has to undergo proper training followed by certification.

Phlebotomy is a branch that deals with the blood tests. It is the art of withdrawing blood from the vein by a pin point incision made on it with a needle.

It involves lot of responsibilities and intricacies within it. And therefore it is essential that one has to acquire proper skills and knowledge of handling the equipment, needling techniques, locating the veins before starting their practice. Being the capital, there are many numbers of schools in Washington that offers phlebotomy training in the state, with state of the art infrastructure and quality education for the individuals who are aspiring to become a phlebotomy technician.

Some of them include

  • Charter college
  • Everest college

Take heed in selecting an accredited school.

What you get to learn? And responsibilities of a phlebotomist!!

Phlebotomy as discussed it is the process of doing blood tests. One must possess a good knowledge about the human anatomy with special reference to circulatory system, locating veins, needling techniques. In phlebotomy training classes you are trained about all these topics. Apart from drawing blood it is the duty of the phlebotomist to maintain a record and handling the sample until it is diagnosed. So during the training process an individual is also taught about the record keeping, professional ethics and communication skills that come handy while dealing with the patient.

Degrees for your access!!

In a very short period one can finish certification program, thinking of a long during programs that include a good practice sessions then associate and bachelor’s degree will be a good option. Certification is mandatory and it can be obtained after finishing the training program.

Salary and awaiting opportunities

There is no scarcity for employers for phlebotomist in Washington. Hospitals, clinics, research institutes there are many options where a phlebotomist has to play a vital role, on average a collegian from a good accredited school can earn around $30,000 per annum. One can find potential employers in the cities like Seattle, Spokane, Shoreline, Bremerton, Vancouver, Everett, Tacoma, and Renton. This branch is expected to have a very bright future prospects, lining up with this field can get a great change in the career curves.

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Phlebotomy training in Virginia

Medical and healthcare industry always plays a paramount role in society’s life in spite of any economic crisis or decay of other important branches. Selecting a career with this evergreen industry is indeed a smart choice. No matter what the economic conditions are you’re always safe with your job!!

One such blooming career option in this present market scenario is being a phlebotomy technician. A career in phlebotomy is best explored by those who are interested in the human body, health, and above all blood and puncturing the veins. Phlebotomy technicians are the personnel’s who are specialized in puncturing the vein by a pin point incision and extracting blood from it this may be either for diagnostic purposes or for collection.

This might be one of the reasons that the field of phlebotomy requires a strict phlebotomy certification. It is more or less dealing with patients lives and a bit of negligence might lead to severe complications.

Initiating the certification process!!!

Young aspirants of Virginia who are interested in making their career as a phlebotomy certification must initially begin their step by joining an accredited school that offers phlebotomy training. With the increasing demand, there are manifold schools that offer phlebotomy training in VA.

Some of them are

  • Westwood college
  • Everest college
  • MCI
  • Fortis institute

Take heed in the selection of school. Only an accredited school with all the reorganizations is a good one to select.

Degrees that you can attain!!

  • Certification
  • Associates degree
  • Bachelor’s degree

Phlebotomy training course is a short term training course and certification program takes around 6 months to get you with a degree as a phlebotomist. It is humanly impossible to accomplish all about phlebotomy in a matter of 6 months. So selecting associate degree or bachelor’s degree can get you with the required hands on training and all the required skills.

Certifying agencies

There are many certification agencies at the national level, which help the student in attaining certificate. Some of them are the American Society of Phlebotomist Association, National Phlebotomist Association, and National Healthcare Association. Certification is mandatory. Only trained and certified professionals are of high priority by the recruiters.

Salary outlook

On an average a collegian from an accredited school can earn around $28,000 per annum. There also offered with other benefits besides the monthly wages. Employment is across the board. There is no scarcity for recruiters who employ phlebotomist in the state of Virginia. One can find potential employers in the cities like Richmond, Chesapeake, Fredericksburg, Reston etc… one can also check out phlebotomy training in WV as it is the neighboring state.

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Phlebotomy training in Vermont

Medical field is a recession free sector. These days there are many aspirants looking forward to embark into the medical field. Phlebotomy is one such rewarding career option with the medical field. There are manifold schools that offer phlebotomy training in Vermont. Some of the best phlebotomy schools in USA are present in Vermont.

Why phlebotomy?

In recent days phlebotomy has turned to be a rewarding career option not just in fetching a good income, as well as growth.  Someone seeking for a decent and well paid job can enter into this field without any averseness.

Whom does it best suit?

Phlebotomy is a branch of science that deals with blood everywhere around! Individuals who are interested to make their career with this field must possess a psyche that is unaffected on seeing blood. Any phobia on seeing blood it is better not to get into this field. This is the only pre-requisite that one must consider before making a decision.

Get your admission- Eligibility criteria’s

Eligibility criteria’s may vary from one school to other. Though the absorbency of the students is only done after they qualify the entrance exam still each school possess some minimum qualification for admitting students, and they include

  • The one who is interested in getting admission, must be above 18yrs
  • Must also possess a basic qualification of a high school diploma or GED or anything of its equivalent.
  • On demand must be able to produce health certificates, as a proof indicating good health.

Phlebotomy training- what it actually includes in it?

The work of a phlebotomist is to draw blood from a vein either for diagnosis purpose or for collection. Dealing with veins and nerves is not as easy as we think of it!  So it is very much essential that one must attain proper training in anatomy, physiology, laboratory principles, needling techniques, in locating veins. Phlebotomy training includes all these essential aspects.

Degrees for your access

  • Certification program
  • Associate degree
  • Bachelor’s degree

These are the available degrees that one can attain. Phlebotomy training is a short term course and ideal phlebotomy training lasts about few months- 3 years. Certification is mandatory and this can be pursued after one finishes the training program from an accredited school.

Awaiting opportunities- how much can you make?

Employment is across the board for a qualified and certified phlebotomist. Potential employers can be located in cities like Burlington, Montpelier, etc. A grad can earn around $34,000 per annum. And this amount varies depending upon the level of education and experience gained. Interested aspirants can also check for phlebotomy training in NH as it is the neighboring one.

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Phlebotomy training in Utah

Medical field is considered to be a recession- proof industry as it is one of the field that remains unaltered by the economic niches. It is not necessary that you need to be a doctor or nurse if you are planning to make career with the recession proof industry.

There are many medical careers that are easier than being a doctor or a nurse, but also form an essential part in the health care field building up the hospital environment. The opportunity to step inside a medical profession is available through numerous career training programs. One such rewarding career field is being a phlebotomy technician.

What is phlebotomy? And to whom does this suit?

Phlebotomy is basically the practice of drawing blood from veins either for diagnostic purpose or for collection. They play vital role to maintain the hospital environment. Owing to the advancements in the health care field, there may be a myriad of diagnostic tools but blood test always occupies its own place. This profession best suits the personality that remains unaffected on seeing blood. There should be no phobia over watching blood. For one who is aspiring to become a phlebotomist must take this point into consideration.

With the aggrandizement of awareness among people, the need of a qualified and trained professionals have reached peaks. Meeting this scenario there are numerous numbers of schools that have included phlebotomy training in their curriculum. some of them include

Broadview university

Ameritech college

Necessity of getting trained

On being a phlebotomist one needs to assist the physicians and nurses. Working conjointly is very much essential. Extraction of blood, handling situations and patients of all age groups is also a responsible and tedious job. Apart from drawing blood there are many other responsibilities that a phlebotomist must accomplish. For all this to happen without any faults it is necessary for one to undergo good training from an accredited school.

Choosing the right school

Take heed to select the right phlebotomy school. Only schools that are accredited by the national certifying agencies must be opted. Only from an accredited training school you will be able to sit for the certification exam.

Final step!!- obtaining certificate

After finishing the training program one may apply for certification. As most employers are on a look out for Certified Phlebotomists it is always advantageous to do a number of certification though it is not a compulsion in the state of Utah.

How much can you earn?

The phlebotomist in the state of Utah can earn around $26,000 on an average. The phlebotomists in the state of Utah are offered with a number of other benefits. Salt Lake City, Logan, Tooele, Murray are some of the cities where one can locate potential employers. One can also check out phlebotomy training in Nevada.

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Phlebotomy training in Texas

Phlebotomy is the art of drawing blood from the vein with an ease either for collection or for diagnosis. Collecting blood from a vein that too at an ease is not an easy job, only trained professional can do that for us.

Why can one take phlebotomy as their career choice?

Phlebotomy is now an evolving career option. Career with medical field always offers you a great choice making it recession proof. So no matter what fluctuations arise? You are always safe with your job. Phlebotomy has emerged has a promising career option in the recent times. It is rewarding in terms of pays as well as growth. So what more is necessary to choose phlebotomy as a career choice?

Things that have to grab your attention!!

Once you have chosen to take phlebotomy as your career. There are some essentials that need to grab your attention.

  • To accomplish the phlebotomist work without any fault. It is very much necessary to undergo training.
  • In fact training is considered to be a mandatory. Only trained and certified professional’s are of high demand.
  • Meeting the demand there are manifold schools in Texas, that offer phlebotomy training. With the advancement of technology availability of phlebotomy training online has made an approaching step.
  • Before you step ahead to choose a school, take heed to make sure of the accreditations of the school.
  • It is important that you receive your phlebotomy training at an accredited school, or else you will not be able to sit for certification.
  • You can check the accreditations of school either personally or online.

Degrees that you can attain

Certification degree this is a short term course and you can finish this within 6 months. Whilst long term degrees include association and bachelor’s degree, these take 2-3 years to attain the degree.

The final frontier!! – Certification

Certification is followed by training. Once you are done with your training you are eligible for the certification exam conducted by the certification agencies at the national level. The exam is based upon what you learn during your training. Certification is mandatory.

Salary and job prospects- Awaiting opportunities!!

Job is of no matter when you are ready with your training and certification. Employment is across the board. Phlebotomist are now of great demand. There is no scarcity for good employers in the state of Texas. One can find potential employers in the cities like Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, etc. On average a phlebotomist in Texas can earn around $32,000 per annum which is almost similar to that of a pharmacy technician. Take heed to select a school that is properly accredited, a school with proper accreditations can bring a great change in your career curves. Also check out for phlebotomy training in Louisiana as it is the neighboring one!!

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Phlebotomy Training in Tennessee

Opportunities abound in the Tennessee area for the individuals who are interested to make their career as a phlebotomist. But to get settled with this rewarding and lucrative career it is essential that you possess a certificate. Phlebotomy certification has become mandatory consideration by the recruiters like the private organizations and the health care organizations.

Steps to attain certification

There is now a lot of demand for trained and certified phlebotomist in the present market scenario. It may be because people have become more health conscious and crave for a quality health with assistance of trained professionals. Meeting this demand there are numerous number of schools that offer phlebotomy training in TN. Some of them include

  • Chattanooga college
  • Daymar institute
  • Fortis institute
  • Anthem Career college
  • Southeastern institute

Eligibility criteria- what it takes for you to get into a training school?

First and foremost thing that is to be considered is an individual who is interested in making career with this field should not have any phobia over seeing blood. This is the first and foremost criterion that is to be considered as this job is all about injecting and extracting blood.

One must possess minimum of 18yrs to attain admission in the training school. Interested aspirants must also take heed about the accreditations of the college. Eligibility criteria’s vary from college to college some schools do not bother about the minimum educational qualification, while some colleges specifically mention the educational qualification. At the end the student gets an admission only after qualifying an entrance exam.

Degrees for your access

Associate, bachelor’s degrees are the highest degrees that one can attain, whilst if you just need to start a career in a short time span certification program best suits you. Certification program can be finished in a matter of 6months.

Certification followed by training!

For one to earn a sound income it is mandatory that an individual possess a certificate registering him/ her as a qualified and trained phlebotomist. To attain certification t is essential to qualify an exam which is conducted on the basis of the training program obtained.

Salary and career outlook!

A grad can earn around $28,000 per annum. And it is tend to rise with the level of education and experience gained. Employment is across the board and one find potential employers in the cities like Manchester, Nashville, Dandridge, Memphis, Clarksville, Colombia, etc.

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